This nursery, unique in Russia, has been generated in 2007. Also has received the name thanks to a site surprisingly on beauty and inaccessibility of region of Eastern Siberia. Cats of nursery lived in the territory of a colony of settlement located in the heart of the Siberian taiga. They are perfectly adapted for a northern Siberian climate, conduct a half-civilized way of life, are proud and independent. Do not love caress and hands. Sometimes presume to lure the brood and to admire itself. These cats are very original, are not similar to the city relatives. More likely in their shape it is possible to learn their taiga neighbors – of a tiger, a lynx, manuls.

Nobody knows and does not remember how and when cats have appeared in territory of settlement which exists in a taiga since the last century, but the northern Siberian climate has generated this kind of animals such what it is — the present Siberian natives who don’t have any relation to breed “Siberian”, over which collective image worked phelinologic. These cats were created by the nature and have given them a proud name, while nobody recognized and not confirmed — «the East Siberian native cat». But nevertheless three animals in nursery have the certificate of conformity to breed “Siberian”, they took part in exhibitions, have received awards “Best” for an excellent phenotype of  ”Siberian”, and in 2008 have won a title «the big European champion».

The nursery purpose — to keep and develop this kind of the taiga native in the conditions of a city, to trace features of behavior, to keep unusual color which it is possible and the cover of a wool and its shades — a heritage of wild ancestors, carriers of the brown dress will not be entered in frameworks of the standard of breed Siberian, but.

The nursery Inbreeding, is closed for is viscous in club as is the carrier of a prepotent gene unknown by origin.

The present exclusive of nursery is black reks the seal “Ah-sultan” which does not concern one pedigree genotype. Its phenotype is unique and is more likely similar to a black poodle, than on a cat. The nursery invites to cooperation of the enthusiasts-fans interested in continuation of such pedigree type. Probably in due course it will open a new page and will recruit ranks of fans reks, having glorified the small native land — Taishet-reks.